Friday, 6 February 2015

Komichel L. Johnson

Komichel L. Johnson, with Aspire Intown Homes, has been building and remodeling homes in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas for over 15 years.  His personable interaction with clients has earned him referrals and word of mouth business from clients, real estate agents, government organizations and professional contacts.  Komichel is a hands on builder and remodeler who relies heavily on suppliers and subcontractors to ensure the quality and expertise.  His personal focus and frequent contact with his clients and real estate agents affirms his belief that the personal touch is important in realizing his homeowner's dream or investor’s goals.  

Before the Great Financial Crisis (GFC), Komichel Johnson was the CEO of JLW Homes and Communities, an Atlanta based home building company that generated over $70MM in revenue.   He was able to grow the company through deep relationships with equity partners, national banks and good partners.   The company won numerous awards and gain important community relationships during the growth period.   He was also able to gain long term relationships with large land holders in Metro Atlanta.  These relationships will provide lot inventory for the next real estate home building cycle.  

After the GFC, Komichel had to find the “Candle in the Dark.”  He was force to deal with the vicious real estate cycle and he found a niche in the downward real estate phase.  The whole world believed the United States real estate was on sale during this period, but they didn’t have a mechanism to take advantage of the opportunity.   Through hard work, trial and error, Komichel was able to build a platform to service a strong international and domestic client base.   These companies have sold over 500 properties to the large pension funds and the global client base.  This unique platform has brought a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to the industry. 

Komichel has learned some very important life and business lessons during and after the GFC.  As the real estate cycle evolves, he understands the necessary changes to ensure success.   He operates from the “back to basic” model in the industry….location, location and finally location.   Komichel has been able to exceed the returns of his capital partners and in turn, the capital commitments have continue to expand.   With careful deal selections and the execution of a refined operations team, he plans to grasp great opportunities in the renovation and new construction space as the real estate cycle evolves.